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  2017 Tully Alumni Reunion

     On August 12th, 2017, the TCS Annual Reunion Luncheon was held at the Orchard Vali Golf Club in LaFayette, NY. Class attendees and their guests totaled 150.
    Alumni attendees were broken down as follows:
  • Class of 1957 (11)
  • Class of 1967 (23)
  • Class of 1977 (17)
  • Recognized Classes of 1962, 1972 & 1982 (6-8/class)

     Irene Gorney Pearson (Class of 1941) was the oldest TCS Alumni to attend. Warren Christopherson (Class of 1942) was there to celebrate his 75th year since graduation. Several regular attendees and guests enjoyed meeting and greeting friends and acquaintances from the past.
     Retired teacher, Ernie Southworth, was honored for his dedication of 40 years teaching Social Studies/History, the vast majority of those years at Tully High School. His students referred to him as their leader, teacher, advisor, and most of all - Friend. He made learning interesting.
     Two daughters, and his son accompanied him to the event.
     Other retired staff members who attended were: Betty Ketcham, Sandra Haynes, Dorothy Kelley, Lorrie Spaulding, and Judy Kendall Conklin.

Pictures of the 2017 Alumni Reunion Luncheon
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Ernie Southworth & family

Guest of Honor Ernie Southworth & family.

Boice, Pearson, Brown, Vecchio Dan Boice, Irene Gorney Pearson, Marion Walburger Brown & Marilyn Brown Vecchio. Easton, Cronk Julianne Cronk Easton & Leona Clark Cronk.
Waite, Burgett, Christopherson Sally Crosley Waite, Sandra Burgett & Margo Bailey Christopherson. E. Glasgow, P. Glasgow, C. Clark, B. Clark, D. Fairchild. Ed Glasgow, Phyllis Glasgow, Charles Clark, Barbara Pearse Clark & Diane Henry Fairchild.
Reagan, D. Springston, J. Springston Dorleon Baldwin Reagan, Dan Springston & Joyce Holbrook Springston. Casler, Sisson, Graham, G. Daar & I. Daar Pattie Casler, Michele Clemons Sisson, David Graham, Gretchen White Daar & Ira Daar.
Greczyn, M. Dennis, A. Dennis Steven Greczyn, Mike Dennis & Ann Dennis. Kukys, S. Millis, J., Millis, Glasgow Vince Kukys, Sherla Chawgo Millis, Jim Millis & Ed Glasgow.
J. Shafer, R. Shafer, Ramsey Judy Shafer, Rick Shafer & Bob Ramsey. Bishop, Reed, Moore, Clemons Dawn Crysler Bishop, Jean Kehrer Reed, Sherri Krewson Moore & Christine Pulaski Clemons.
Brown, Flanagan, Herlihy Richard Brown, Richard Flanagan & Tom Herlihy. Ketcham, Haynes, Kelly, Conklin Retired TCS Staff: Betty Ketcham, Sandra Haynes, Dorothy Kelly & Judy Kendall Conklin.
Henry, Russo, Luchsinger, Crosley Pam Greene Henry, Jeannie Burke Russo, Ruth Granger Luchsinger & Tom Crosley. Northrup, Cook, Bartholomew, Bishop, Reed Jill Northrup, Jolene Hoffman Cook, Cindy Lattimer Bartholomew, Dawn Crysler Bishop & Jean Kehrer Reed.

     Since the formation of the Tully Alumni Association in 1897, the organization has met annually other than a ten year lapse in the 1980's - 1990's. They continue to maintain a directory of graduates from 1895 to present. This may be purchased in the TAHS online store which may be accessed HERE.


  2017 Alumni Directory

TAHS Store      The 2017 Alumni Directory is now available in our store. Lists all student alumni who attended Tully School from 1895 to 2017. Known addresses and married names of those living alumni are also included. Updated July 2017.Click here to go to our store.


  2016 Tully Alumni Reunion

     On Saturday, August 13, 2016, the TCS Alumni held their annual reunion luncheon at the Orchard Vali Golf Club in LaFayette, NY. This years' honorees were the classes: 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006 & 2016.
     Class of 1966 who attended their 50th Reunion:
  • Marshall Aungier
  • Brian Avery
  • Mark Beebe
  • Margo Cardner
  • BJ Church
  • Geri Clapper
  • Sharon Clay
  • Linda Cole
  • Phil Craw
  • Rich Flanagan
  • Len Foster
  • Mary Sue Gilcher
  • Judy Gilfilian
  • Karen Gilfilian
  • Tom Herlihey
  • Bill Larkin
  • Patsy Leonard
  • Marcia Micklo
  • Eileen Smith
  • Rick Snavlin
  • Gary Strong
  • Terry Walberger
  • Wayne Sim (not pictured)
  • Will Dunn (missing)
     Class Historian: Terry Walberger Sherman
     Contact us with any news or if you move at: tjstaurus@yahoo.com
Thanks to Rich Flanagan for sending us the pictures. (Click to enlarge)
Class of 1966, 50th Reunion (1) Class of 1966, 50th Reunion (2)

Video shown at the 2016 TCS Alumni Class Reunion

     Rich Flanagan, graduate of the Class of 1966, presented this memorial video created by his granddaughter, Elizabeth Tornatore.
     If you'd like to see the 2016 Alumni Luncheon Program click here. The program is in pdf format and will open in a new window / tab.

This is a very large, high-quality video file and may take some time to load.

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