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Tully Cemetery Honors Our Veterans
     New book started by Eleanor Preston prior to her death and completed by Nancy Porter, Tully Area Historical Society members. Printed on Demand. Spiral Bound. 69 Pgs. 2018.
     A compilation of veterans buried in Tully Cemetery, Tully, NY. Includes veteran photos and service records (as available) and headstone pictures. Information gathered from a variety of sources as listed on the source pages in back of book.
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2019 TCS Alumni Directory
     Our most recent and updated alumni directory. Lists alumni from the Class of 1895 through 2019. It is great for genealogists as it lists married names & the most recent address (that we know of) for each person. It is also great for looking up old buddies. 210+ Pgs. Printed on demand by TAHS.
All Trains Stop at Tully
     By Mary Dunn. A Tully Bicentennial Publication, 1803-2003. Published in 1999 by the Tully Area Historical Society. Paperback. 121 Pgs.
Heavenly Delights, 1999
     Published by the Tully United Community Church, 1999. Printed by Cookbooks by Morris Press, Kearney, NE. Paperback. 72 Pgs + Index.
The Best Columns of Louise Brown Nickerson
     Stories about Tully, Tully People, and Tully History, written during the '70s and '80s for the Tully Independent. Published in 2003 by Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY. Paperback. 110 Pgs.
A Timeline History of the Town of Tully, 1803-2008
     The Story of the Town Hall Mural. Paperback. 70 Pgs.
A Journey Through Tully Cemetery
     By the Tully Cemetery Association. Compiled in 2012. Printed by the Tully Area Historical Society in May 2013. Paperback. 63 Pgs.
The Years Between The Tully Centennial
     By the Tully Centennial Committee. An overview of life then and now, peppered with ads from contributing local organizations and businesses. Filled with pictures from the past. Paperback. 81 Pgs.
A History of the Tully Lake Park Association
     Including the Tully Lake Park Hotel and the Tully Furniture Manufacturing Company. By Thomas L. Fox. Paperback. Published Dec 2011. 155 Pgs.


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